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Visual Quiz Builder + 1r partner with Function of Beauty to tackle hair care personalization


1r came to Visual Quiz Builder because they were working with Function of Beauty, a direct to consumer brand creating unique hair, skin and body care formulas for each consumer at a large scale. Function of Beauty was migrating to Shopify Plus and redesigning their customer experience with a focus on ongoing subscriptions.


Leveraging a data-driven approach, 1r and Visual Quiz Builder developed a unique solution that tailored hair care, skin care and body care products to each customer's individual needs and preferences.

Navigation Optimization: The homepage was streamlined for intuitiveness. The first step was to use Visual Quiz Builder to collect customer information and feed it through Function of Beauty’s proprietary recommendation engine.

CTA for Visual Quiz Builder quiz on Function of Beauty website

Custom Recommendation: After walking users through the customization process through a quiz - the product detail and recommendation pages reflected a custom hair care regimen (or skin / body regimen in case of the skin and body quizzes).

Custom Recommendation Page at the end of the Function of Beauty quiz built using Visual Quiz Builder

Branding Refresh: New fonts and color palettes were added to the website and quiz with the updated brand identity, creating a cohesive and modern experience.


→ 1r tackled the technical complexities of building a user-friendly subscription portal and connecting it with Visual Quiz Builder.

→ Visual Quiz Builder's API was used to programmatically access quiz answers for customers and send them to Function of Beauty's fulfillment so they could customize their product and bottles. The quiz shows the user how their name will be printed on their Function of Beauty bottle and restricts the number of characters to what Function of Beauty's fulfillment can accommodate.

→ 1r worked with the Visual Quiz Builder team to incorporate brand elements and optimize quiz and product pages. Function of Beauty's customers can conveniently go back and change answers in their quiz after they have gotten a set of results without needing to start over.

“VQB was very receptive to our unique needs and went the extra mile to deliver on a tight timeline.”

SVP of Digital, Function of Beauty

Built to scale

Since the quiz was Function of Beauty’s primary funnel, it was imperative that the solution they landed on could scale with their anticipated growth. In fact, they required that Visual Quiz Builder be able to handle 5x their prior site engagements without any impact to performance.

Visual Quiz Builder ensured multiple computing instances would be created automatically to meet incoming engagement demands and set up a standalone replica of its primary database for Function of Beauty.


Function of Beauty was able to achieve an 80% quiz completion rate, an increase of 16.4% over their in-house solution with hundreds of thousands of quizzes completed in the first three months post launch.

  • Function of Beauty built a robust and customized online presence that reflects their unique personalization proposition.

  • The quiz to personalized subscription experience supports 80% of their business – which equates to over a million quiz engagements per year.

  • 1r recommended improvements and functionality to Visual Quiz Builder’s roadmap (such as replicating quiz templates with ease and modifying Visual Quiz Builder’s public API response to make it more versatile), which were implemented with priority.

So…what are you waiting for?


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