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Find my perfect short by Thigh Society

Thigh society has been a VQB customer for 3+ years with incredible quiz conversion (double-digits!) but what we love most about our partnership is that they are consistently A/B testing quiz variations to keep improving these stellar results. Next month, they will be launching a variant of their original site quiz for paid social traffic.

What we love about Thigh Society's latest quiz?

Thigh Society ▶️ Take our short quiz ✨ (original website quiz)

Discount code is automatically applied to cart / at checkout Quizzes typically require quiz takers to jot down the discount code and apply it during checkout. We initially implemented this feature to be compatible with custom result pages but then decided that it would be incredibly useful for all VQB merchants so we added it to our dashboard. More on that under the monthly new feature update!

Customers are directed to the recommended product PDP page

  • Thighsociety's quiz recommends one product to its customers (in several colors and sizes). As such, it makes a lot of sense to simplify the experience for potential customers and take them to the page that has the most exhaustive information on the recommended product.

  • While we haven't updated the dashboard for this feature, if you are interested in adding it to your quiz, reach out to us and we can implement it for you.

Quiz placement 

NAV on the homepage, where customers can clearly see it.

Optimal length:

Beyond 6-8 questions, customers get fatigued and completions / conversions drop

You can take the opportunity to intersperse questions with personalized content slides – these typically do not lead to drop offs when done in a measured way.

Checkout pixel

  • Thighsociety has installed our checkout pixel so they can easily see conversions from the quiz / compare them to their overall store conversion

  • This may seem obvious but, when you link your quiz directly to paid social, compare your conversion rate to other paid social ads (not your website quiz). Assuming the conversion is meaningfully higher, your campaign is a success.

  • Thighsociety found that including their quiz in their email marketing was a homerun.

So…what are you waiting for?


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