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Find my Fit by Stix Golf

What we love about this quiz:

First off, the quiz has a clean and consistent look with the brand, nearly all of it accomplished with no-code features in the dashboard

The quiz recommends variants

For technical or semi-technical products, it helps to recommend the specific variant for a customer - after all, a 6 ft left handed golfer ordering the correct set of clubs but intended for a 5 ft 6” right handed golfer will not be happy!

Optimal length

  • Beyond 6-8 questions, customers get fatigued and completions / conversions drop. 

  • Supplement and health / medical recommendations are an exception, where quizzes tend to be meaningfully longer and still have good completions / conversions. 


Quiz is linked to Klaviyo using the app’s integration, and quiz takers are being automatically added to a separate mailing list

Quiz placement and naming

  • Main navigation menu where people can clearly see it.

  • A size quiz could do well on the product page but for most quizzes we recommend placing the primary CTA in the main navigation menu or the hero section of the homepage.

  • “Find my fit” – (instead of "Fit Quiz" or "Style Quiz") – is an enticing CTA that suggests real value for the customer going through the experience.

Merchant has installed our checkout script so they can easily see conversions from the quiz and compare them to their overall store conversions

So…what are you waiting for?


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