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How SKOON. personalized skincare for customers and notched 3.5x conversion

Using Visual Quiz Builder, SKOON. provides shoppers with a tailored skincare regimen, and leverages quiz data to segment customers and update product strategy.

Want to increase your Shopify store conversion?

SKOON. is a women-led South African skincare brand that embraces both ancient traditions and modern science to provide effective, sustainable and non-toxic skincare products. Their lab sources ultra-powerful actives from South Africa and other parts of the continent and combines them with ingredients from around the world for highly effective, holistic skincare.

They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. They aim for a flexible range that makes their customers feel happy in their own healthy, good feeling skin.

But to uphold those values, SKOON. needed to get to know the person behind the screen.


Customers struggling to find the right products for their skin type and concerns, and rising customer acquisition cost

As a skincare brand, SKOON faced this common challenge in the industry. SKOON's website had products with unique ingredients and customers often found it challenging to navigate and find the right products for their specific needs.

Additionally, relying on platforms like Facebook to find new customers was becoming prohibitively expensive and something had to be done to counteract rising customer acquisition costs.


Using Visual Quiz Builder to personalize skincare regimens and increase conversions

SKOON used Visual Quiz Builder's (VQB) skin quiz, which asks customers questions about their skin type, concerns, and lifestyle habits.

The quiz looks on brand in every sense from the fonts and colors to the cursor. While covering many different skin concerns, it asks each customer no more than 6 questions, an optimal length resulting in extraordinarily high quiz completions and email capture rates.

The recommendation is a skincare routine with the option to purchase individual products or the entire routine.

In a recent conversation, Tamlyn van Heerden, Marketing Manager at SKOON., opened up about the significance of the quiz for them.

“The quiz has been so effective for us that we have been sending a majority of our paid traffic on Facebook and Instagram directly to the quiz. We have also targeted ads and seasonal sales using data collected from the quiz.”

Retargeting quiz takers with Meta Pixel and Klaviyo

SKOON. has used the emails collected from the quiz to retarget ads – different ads for different skin concerns provided by quiz takers - and to create lookalike audiences by leveraging VQB’s integration with Meta Pixel. Further, using VQB’s integration with Klaviyo, they have targeted personalized email campaigns towards quiz takers who completed the quiz but did not make a purchase.

But they didn’t stop there. They targeted a Black Friday teaser campaign at shoppers who had indicated “breakouts” was their main skin concern as they were promoting a new line of products targeted at breakouts.

Serendipity: Using quiz data to inform product strategy

This wasn’t something we were expecting when we launched the quiz but we have made new product decisions based on the data collected and it has become a data analysis tool for us.

SKOON. has used the quiz’s rich zero-party data to inform new product introductions. For one, they found that “hyperpigmentation” was one of their customers’ biggest skin concerns but they weren’t focusing on it sufficiently in terms of new product introductions. They also leveraged the leads captured by the quiz to trial new products. Based on age and skin concern specifications, they identified candidates to enlist for a trial. During the 28-day trial, they offered their products to quiz takers, and gathered before and after pictures that demonstrated the efficacy of certain new products.

SKOON’s results with the Visual Quiz Builder skin quiz

SKOON has seen terrific results by implementing the skin quiz. Just in the last 8 months:

  • 17,172 customers completed the quiz, with an impressive 89% completion rate

  • The purchase conversion rate has been 8.7%, 3.5x higher than the store average

  • 13,340 emails were collected, representing a 78% (!!) email capture rate

  • 68x ROI made with the Visual Quiz Builder app

So…what are you waiting for?


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