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How CUUP Helped Customers Find the Right Bra Size and Notched 2.5x Conversions

Using the Visual Quiz Builder app, CUUP provides shoppers with tailored product recommendations—increasing their confidence and conversions.

Want to increase your Shopify store conversion?

CUUP is a DTC brand pairing luxury fabrics with innovative designs to provide intimates that evoke sensuality, style, and support to its customers. Founded in 2018, this Shopify Plus store wants to revolutionize the Intimates industry by offering stylish, yet functional bras in an inclusive range of 53 sizes.

CUUP is all about support—and not just in their bras.

The brand goes above and beyond to provide a supportive customer experience that educates and helps customers find the best product for their specific preferences and body shape.

Let’s dive into how CUUP is nailing the customer experience and increasing its bottom line.


Raise your hand if a size chart ever helped you make a decision about which size item you should get. 👎

More often than not, those charts are unhelpful and obsolete, especially when faced with an item as complex as a bra. We are talking about cup size, band length, shape, and lining—all key factors in finding the perfect fit.

CUUP knew that 8 in 10 women wear the wrong size bra, and bra sizes can change from year to year. So they wanted to provide shoppers with a dynamic experience that would enable them to find the right bra size and style.


Using a quiz to educate customers and give them the confidence needed to purchase

CUUP’s fit finder quiz represents 17% of their total store revenue. It asks customers several questions to provide the best product recommendation at the end of the quiz for both new and returning customers, increasing sales.

One of our favorite things about this quiz is that it not only helps shoppers find their bra size, but adds a layer of education between questions—making customers understand more about what an ideal bra fit and durability should be. See for yourself:

The benefits of a quiz for consumers are clear. But have you thought about what it does for a Shopify Plus store like CUUP?

Conversion Rate Increase

A quiz gives shoppers the confidence they need to make a purchase via a personalized product recommendation, so it’s not surprising to learn that 1 in every 12 shoppers that takes the CUUP quiz makes a purchase.

Email Capture

CUUP asks shoppers to opt-in to email during the quiz. So even if they don’t convert immediately, the brand can retarget over an owned channel. CUUP’s quiz has a 44% email capture conversion rate (much higher than even the best pop-ups).

Customer Data

With the fit finder quiz, CUUP collects high-quality data about its shoppers and their preferences. This data can inform product strategy, marketing, and other big business decisions.

Customer Loyalty

CUUP gives a superior concierge-like experience to shoppers. Combining this personalized experience with great email nurturing can be a powerful strategy to inspire customer loyalty.

“Visual Quiz Builder allowed us to create a custom, CUUP-branded offering. They have given us the full flexibility to create our own quiz logic, design results pages, test ideas, educate our customer on bra sizing, and collect data on her preferences—all valuable things for our business. The quiz is a great offering for our customer and it's ultimately helping her not only find the right size in CUUP, but become a more loyal customer in the long run.”

Caitlin Lyons, Chief of Staff, CUUP

Make your quiz feel heard and seen!

The success of your quiz is partly reliant on how prominent you make it to consumers during their buying journey.

Brands choose to display and promote their quiz in a number of ways, including the homepage hero section, navbar, footer, emails, Instagram bio, CTA to an ad, landing page, and more.

CUUP decided to highlight the fit finder quiz in their website navbar.

But they also wanted shoppers that decided to browse and landed on a specific product page to be able to pick the right undergarment size. So CUUP created a product page quiz.

Every product line has its own size me quiz in the PDP, but they are all identical with different result page redirects (making the quiz-building process for the marketing team a breeze). While the fit finder quiz gathers emails and recommends the style and size of a bra, this shorter PDP quiz helps customers who have already decided on a product to pick the correct size.

CUUP’s results with a quiz

The success of your quiz is partly reliant on how prominent you make it to consumers during their buying journey.

CUUP has seen terrific results by implementing a quiz created with the Visual Quiz Builder app. Just in the last 6 months:

  • 115,000 customers completed the quiz, with a 58% completion rate

  • 8.1% purchase conversion rate

  • 42,000 emails collected, representing a 44% email capture rate

It’s hard to believe everything a quiz can do for your Shopify store, especially when you learn that CUUP has made a 178x return on their investment in the Visual Quiz Builder app 🤯

So…what are you waiting for?


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