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Build Routine by Facetheory

What we love about this quiz:

The Result Page

The quiz uses a feature called Product Slots (in our no-code result page) to recommend a regimen instead of a list of products. This is a hallmark of high converting skincare (or beauty) quizzes. Before Product Slots, this sort of customization required coding a custom recommendation page.

Optimal length

Beyond 6-8 questions, customers get fatigued and completions / conversions drop.  


Integration with Klaviyo  

  • The quiz is linked to Klaviyo using VQB’s integration, and quiz takers are added to a separate list and emailed their recommended regimens.

  • Quiz takers can also be segmented based on their quiz responses and different segments can be directed to personalized email and SMS marketing flows.

Quiz placement and naming

  • Main navigation menu where people can clearly see it.

  • "Build Routine" – there isn’t a better way to personalize and recommend a regimen than through a quiz. Anyone interested in a regimen is likely to take the quiz and derive value from it.

Checkout Pixel

  • The store has installed our checkout pixel so they can easily see conversions from the quiz and compare them to their overall conversions

So…what are you waiting for?


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