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June 2024

Calculations & more...

Use the new JS console to display calculations, auto-select selling plans or make other enhancements on VQB’s result page based on a user's response to quiz questions.

Read a summary below or refer to our knowledge base for details.

Using this feature requires Java Script knowledge. On the Personalize tier and up, we can implement or provide the code for these sorts of customizations. On lower tiers, your developer can reach out to to discuss any questions they may have implementing enhancements to your result page.

Example 1 - You're a supplement business and want to show a quiz taker their Body Mass Index based on their weight and height, and display it on the result page as part of a personalized recommendation

Refer to the knowledge base for a step-by-step implementation. The screenshots below show the code added to the JS console and the result page.

JS Console on the Result Page
Calculated BMI displayed on the result page

Example 2 - You're a supplement business and you want the quiz to auto-select the right subscription plan to minimize friction in the shopping experience

Refer to the knowledge base for a step-by-step implementation. In the screenshot below, “delivery every 2 weeks” has been auto-selected for the quiz taker as they selected 2 weeks as the response to Q2 on frequency.


With this quality of life enhancement, don't stress about losing your work while working on your quiz. Within the quiz editor sections (Edit, Layout, Recommendation, Logic Jump and Preview), the app will detect when you've made a change and save your work automatically as long as the the auto-save feature in the top right of your dashboard is enabled (this will be enabled by default).


New Visual Option setting

A new option allows you to place the image on the left of your text instead of above it. This previously required customization with CSS code.


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