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On-Brand Product Recommendation   Quizzes  

Create a delightful personalized experience for your customers. Drive higher conversion and AOV, reduced returns. Collect rich zero-party data.


Why  Us ?


Customers knowingly share rich data on their preferences in order to get the most personalized product recommendations.  


Our customers report conversions that are 50 - 900% higher. Many see increased AOV and reduced return rates. 


With lead capture + data to segment customers, jumpstart flywheel of personalized email flows and lookalike audiences.

 Trusted  By Thousands of Businesses Worldwide

Mario Badescu-VQB_edited.jpg
ZO Skin
Thigh Society-VQB_edited.jpg
Plum Deluxe
Detox Market

and many more...

Case  Study 

Visual Quiz Builder + 1r partner with Function of Beauty to tackle hair care personalization

"VQB was very receptive to our unique needs and went the extra mile to deliver on a tight timeline."

Client Quote on Visual Quiz Builder

The VQB team has been incredible and responsive in helping us implement custom designs for our quizzes, and their software has helped us integrate our customer data safely and securely through their Zapier integration.

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